Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Covering Human Target at San Diego Comic Con 2010 for Suite101.com

While I used to have fun at Comic Con, recently there have just been too damn many people going there to enjoy it. Not only is it claustrophobic, but you can't get any business done, and you can't get into anything without waiting hours in line. And we are not there to stand in line -- our time is too valuable.

This year was different as I was doing press coverage for Suite101.com -- the online site I write for. Despite it being a lot of work, I really enjoyed doing this. It made going to Comic Con fun again.

I've already written up went we learned in the press room for Sons of Anarchy. So this one celebrates me getting the articles on Human Target online.

There are four articles on my page at Suite101.com:

1. Human Target As Charlie & Her Angels, Revealed at Comic Con 2010

2. Like It Or Not, Human Target's Men Got Each Other's Backs

3. On Becoming Human Targets: Stars and Boss at SD Comic Con 2010

4. Human Target Will Show Team's Conflicts and Emotions in Season 2.

But even with writing up four articles, there was left-over information that I didn't get to use. So I thought I'd share that here.

Unlike at the Sons of Anarchy press room where I got one-on-one attention, I was in a round table situation here. We all sat patiently as each of the actors and showrunner made their way down the 'live feed' press line. So when Chi McBride came over and we all scooted our microphones at him, it was funny when he stared at them and said, "... I don't know what to say."

I immediately piped up with, "I'll give you something to say."

He answered, "Give me a question."

And I asked him to describe how his character felt about the other main characters and their relationships. He came back with the whole dysfunctional answer which are covered in the articles.

When asked about back stories, Chi said, "Yeah, I think we see a lot more what happens to these guys when they're off the clock. Winston's got an ex-wife. And I don't know about you guys but I think that nothing makes a guy happier than when he's got to deal with his ex-wife." This is said while Chi shakes his head side to side and grins from ear to ear. "That's got to be the high point -- do you know what I mean? Like when you're in the middle of a divorce, you probably say, 'Can we still see each other? And spend time together? because that'll be the best.' But we're gonna have that happen and see Winston's brother who's on the wrong side of the law in his business. So you see a lot of what these guys are like, what makes them tick, and how the team is more cohesive when they're working together."

Both Mark and Chi are looking forward to Lennie James returning as Baptiste. Chi said, "We love us some Lennie James." And Mark added, "He's a firearms expert. He's a car enthusiast." To which Chi turned to Mark and said, "Yeah." Shows what appeals to men.

Turning back to us, Chi explained, "Lennie is straight bad-ass. He really is and Matt has a great way to bring him back. We just want to see more of him. He’s a wonderful actor, he’s a real gentleman and a pleasure to work with. That’s one of the things that’s pretty much a common thread on this show. We have people who enjoy working together and who enjoy personally and spend time together working. And it’s not like working."

Another cool question from the floor during the panel was what was Chance's Kryptonite? "We’re floating that it’s pretty important for Chance to have people who believed in him," Mark answered. "He spent so much time working solo, working on his own. His conscience sort of caught up with him. So there’s that sort of thing that haunts him. It’s the people in the present that kinda believe in him and work with him on his team that are going to be able to help him or they are the ones who ultimately betray him and leave him vulnerable. No pressure, guys.”

During the Q&A at the panel, a girl got up to ask a question and Jackie Earle Haley saw that she was dressed as his character Guerrero. He was so delighted that he asked her to come up on stage to ask her question. The photo to the left is from that moment. Oddly though, I can't remember what her question was.

For more, check out my articles at Suite101.com. The photo credits here go to Greg Gayne/2010 WBEI. The photos I took weren't very good at all, but then being an artist or photographer is not in my skill set. I'm grateful that I can write and act.

And finally, I want to thank Natalia Desrosiers and Chris Cottle of Warner Brothers Publicity for making this all happen and for all their hard work, without which, this wouldn't have happened at all.

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